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Shader not updating in current project

posted Apr 19, 2014 07:57:33 by rohanshedjale
I have installed shadermonger and I am using maya 2013 everything looks neat but when I download online shaders its not showing in current projects ... I tried with most of online shaders but nothing seem to work.

Any help would be much appreciated

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dabuel said Apr 25, 2014 00:49:51
Hi rohan ,
Yes, I Think i know the problem there.
try extracting a shader into that library first.(select an object with material on it and press the extract button)

that creates the folder for the online service to download to...
sorry for the trouble there. that is a bug and should have been fixed.

I'd recommend getting acquainted with tools since the new version of shadermonger
will be on released fused to that pipeline manager.

Besides, you can download all the shader files(shadermonger's) with it right now..just not post any or extract them from your own scene yet..

here is how :
read the "How to View Shader assets?"
from the help page :
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