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install to maya 2014?

posted Mar 06, 2014 05:30:38 by Colero
When I run the shadermonger install it finds and installs the program to maya 2013 not my maya 2014.
Please advise
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dabuel said Mar 10, 2014 09:07:43
A new Shadermonger will be available for 2014 soon.
you can download the mac osx manual install for now.
it should be working fine without the downloading and uploading to the server part..
Administrator @
Colero said Mar 10, 2014 09:15:50
Im using a pc. Not mac.
dabuel said Mar 10, 2014 09:26:03
Here is a workaround :
The installer works with standard directory structure for maya
which means it looks for the conventional directories :


try creating those directories manually and reinstall using the installer.
then move the files to their respective directories under 2014 version .

that would be the quickest way for you.
let me know if this works for you...

Administrator @
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