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Not loving StockCG

posted Nov 08, 2013 02:55:54 by T_St_Amant
Hi there...OK, I LIKE StockCG, but I don't love it. I do LOVE the ShaderMonger for Maya. Maya doesn't have an asset or shader browser and management system. So, here I am recreating Mental Ray shaders for Maya Software and 'exporting' them into - of all things - scene files. No thumbnails and no idea what's in the files unless I open them up, drop in a sphere, light a scene and render out a high-quality image.

As wonderful as StockCG may be, it isn't designed to solve my immediate problem of managing a shader library. There isn't even a shader asset menu item in the dropdown list.

So, as hype as YOU might be about StockCG, I'm just not there. But because you own them both, Mr. Nadav Brill, I'd like to know your intentions for ShaderMonger. Is it a flash in the pan...just one of your stepping stones that helped forge your future with StockCG? Tell me the truth. Are you ditching ShadeMonger anytime soon? Because I just don't want to be around to see that. I'd rather just turn around right now and start my own shader library with little shaded spheres and test render images and text files for notes on lighting and such... Hahaha!

Seriously though, are you keeping ShaderMonger alive indefinitely? I don't want to waste my time even installing it otherwise. Really, it's a great utility. I LOVE it. Don't you forget that! :-)))
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dabuel said Mar 10, 2014 11:07:05
thats a bit harsh wouldn't you say ???!!
Ive only just seen this post, so sorry for the delay in my response....

StockCG is about File assets, the same way shadermonger is about shader files.
so dont confuse the two...

ultimately (and very soon i might add), Shadermonger will be included in stockCG and will remain in its FREE version! but it will be a part of StockCG.

Im sorry to hear you failed to see the potential in StockCG, as it gives you a fully blown file manager, as you said: finally you can actually view a file and not have to open it to see whats in it. Not to mention managing versions and its cloud capabilities and community library amongst other things....

So ,I hope you enjoy Shadermonger, and its future releases within StockCG.
Im not forcing you to download it ... its free and here for the community ....

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