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Installing on Mac 2013

posted Aug 20, 2013 03:36:00 by bradaschreiber
I'm trying to install and I have no Online option in my main window. I also cannot decrypt from your instructions how to properly install. Where is the main library and I cannot find the Shaderlib file. Obviously I am new to this. help please.
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dabuel said Aug 22, 2013 21:02:06
Mac Versions are a bit older and there is no online feature there..
sorry about that.
i am planning an update soon though..
but for now im focusing on StockCG . you can download all of shadermonger's shaders directly from the stockCG app (no mac version yet, but soon to be released.)

the Main library is what you set it to be( when you press it , it will ask you to give it a path). its a folder where you can gather all your project based shaders and have one Main library.

ShaderLib is not a file , its a directory located under your projects path (where scenes, images, data etc is).

it will get created once you extract a shader from a scene.

stay tuned.
join for further updates.

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