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shadermonger can work in the Maya 2014 x64 version.

posted Jul 29, 2013 18:25:58 by g2m.agent
1. shadermonger can work in Maya 2014 x64 version.
2. can resize UI size.
3. Shader can be write comments.
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dabuel said Jul 30, 2013 01:55:50
haven't been tested yet, feel free to try
just copy the stuff you have in scripts dir to your maya2014 scripts
let me know if it works .

im planning a big change for shadermonger soon so . will keep you updated on UI resizing etc..
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g2mXagent said Jul 30, 2013 15:56:23
it's worked! thank you ~
dabuel said Jul 31, 2013 00:30:14
Great! glad to hear, i guess thats the power of Mel...
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tulpen said Oct 07, 2013 22:30:55
What if I don't have 2013 installed? the "installer" says "Installation Complete" after selecting Maya 2013 (as I can't select 2014). I can't find any copied script files.
dabuel said Oct 08, 2013 08:15:39
Hi ,if you dont have any other maya versions installed, i would suggest you duplicate the same directory structure as in maya 2013/2012/2011:

just so the installer would install the files for you.

then copy it over to the respected directories under the 2014 version.
that should do the trick!

good luck.
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