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scrolling area overflow is not yet fixed on UI (forgatten parameter scrollLayout -ch 1)

posted Oct 04, 2012 15:39:47 by hcetiner
Hoped scrolling area overflow is fixed on UI (forgatten parameter scrollLayout -ch 1)
simply a formLayout and a child ScrollLayout with -ch 1 will a dynamic scrolling area without giving a fixed height.
well.I will post a simple UI melcode on my freetime asap.
also width is sitll fixed in version can be dynamic without problem with some effort.
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dabuel said Oct 09, 2012 10:41:25
true, thanks again for pointing this out.
im working on it , its not a must have , and there are other features in the works.
as i am one person working on this on my free time, ill have to ask you to be patient.

btw. it is an open mel code, you can do the changes yourself if you like :)
it would be great if you'll send it back. i will post it if its good.

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