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ShaderMon command freezes maya

posted Apr 13, 2012 16:40:27 by kevinyaya
Hi i followed the installation instructions but i'm having some issues. Im running on Fedora 12. When I run the shaderMon command, maya freezes. But somehow it's not sending any SIGTERM signal or anything. Even with maya -d gdb i don't get anything interesting in the stack trace.
Im running on maya 2011
any idea why it's doing that?
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kevinyaya said Apr 13, 2012 17:48:48
OK so I found the problem and I think something should be specified in the install_manual.txt

Here is the code in ShaderMon() that freezes my maya (around line 4750):


catchQuiet($infoox=`fopen $MainIBL "r"`);

string $ibllib;

$lbls=`fread $infoox $ibllib`;

fclose $infoox;


when i look at the code the file he tries to open is:".../scripts/ShadermonLib/MainIBLPath.shadermanData". But there isn't such a file! I just created it and wrote a path to mainIBLLibrary as the first line and everything works.
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