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Empty shadermonger shelf after installing on maya 2012 x64

posted Apr 02, 2012 08:23:13 by Wizroll
I've just installing the v1.12 on maya 2012 x64 . A shelf appear but there is no icon. And i don't know if there is a plugin to launch in maya for activating this tools. I don't find it's.
Someone have the same problem please ?

Thank for your help
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dabuel said Apr 04, 2012 13:31:01
Hi, not sure which version of maya 2012 you have and if its a service pack issue.

make sure you have this in your docs lib:

you should have a shelf_ShaderMonger.mel under shelves in :

then run : "ShaderMon;" from the script line(or editor).

hope this helps...

Administrator @
Vlad said Dec 23, 2012 18:18:32
Hi, I have Maya 2012 SP2 x64.
After the installation script is an empty shelf.
Tried to reinstall, move the file to the directory manually, as described above - it did not help.
Placed on a shelf icon script manually via Script Editor, but after the re-start Maya, the shelf again empty.
Please help.
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