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Render Engine Overlay Image/Text on shader thumbnail & Filter

posted Nov 04, 2011 02:00:55 by JC
This would be show if it's either Mental Ray or Vray based. Also a filter to select what renderer the shaders are from might even be better (Just under the shader library selector at the top)

Great tool! Very Handy! :)

Off-Topic: Also, is there anyway to convert vray <--> mental ray shaders?

EDIT: Also it would be nice if there was a black border (or whatever soloution you prefer), on the bottom of the web samples to show what renderer they are from (ie when searching via "category") and on the new shader listing on the right side - - - >
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blogger said Nov 11, 2011 20:56:51
Also regarding the thumbnails: it would be nice if the Delete bar was removed and changed to a right-click option. Your Delete button is in the same location as Maya's material name, so I find myself looking at the Delete button trying to find the material name, instead of the top. So a bit counter-intuitive in Maya land.
dabuel said Dec 01, 2011 06:46:39
ill look in to the delete option for the next version :)
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