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why not .ma files too?

posted Oct 06, 2011 19:49:52 by SOJUZ
hi, ShaderMonger load .mb material files fine but why it can't load .ma files too?
best regards, Zbyszek Pietras
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dabuel said Oct 09, 2011 21:08:12
who said it cant?
would that be important for you ?
that is changable but i dont see a good enough reason to change it yet.

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SOJUZ said Oct 09, 2011 21:40:01
well, some materials from web are in .ma format. Of course I can put it via Maya to ShaderMonger but it woudl be great when ShaderMonger would see they as shaders. Maybe I'm wrong in this thing :)
best regards, Zbyszek Pietras
dabuel said Oct 09, 2011 21:46:40
the .ma part might be a future update for shadermonger
meanwhile, shadermonger displays shders best when compiled through its own system.
so i agree with what you said, putting them in maya and running it through shadermonger would be the bset way to go.
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