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Custom Preview Problem

posted Sep 19, 2011 20:00:33 by clearairstudio
I am trying to create a custom preview file but when it's time to export the shader from a scene the thumbnail only render low res with no FG or other settings. The ShaderMon template is fine.
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dabuel said Sep 19, 2011 21:24:22
HI ,thats true but more a feature then a problem.
I'll explain, The "shaderMonger" template uses specific setting for rendering,tunning some FG values, samples and more.

All other options like Custom,sphere, cube and Cone uses the settings you have set in your scene. thats why its custom. you can set them up according to your needs.

you can however try extracting with "shadermonger" template first , and those settings should remain in your scene for the duration of the extraction, even when on "Custom".

to sum it up:

shadermonger - tweaks changes in render globals.
custom,sphere,cube,cone - render with scene renderGlobls.

i hope that clears it , if you have any more questions, let me know.

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